10 Things We Learned: #2 Not all tutors are created equal

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Being a parent is challenging enough, and distance learning has increased the burden on parents even more. It’s now harder for your children’s teachers to assess how your child is doing, and for most parents, it’s a wild guess on whether they are falling behind.

Many of us at Revolution Prep are parents too. We understand that you want what’s best for your child. That’s why we spent the last twenty years building a process to identify where your child may need additional support while mentoring them to build confidence and independence skills.

We’ve found the perfect recipe to teach students how to effectively time manage and destress. Because the truth is, tutors do more than teach complicated subjects. They develop life-long functioning skills that help students become successful life-long learners.

While building this process, we learned that not all tutors are created equal.

It takes more than simply knowing the subject to be a great tutor. Great tutors must have empathy, compassion, strong communication, and a teaching style that matches every individual student’s needs and goals.

Revolution Prep’s CEO Matt Kirchner is applying this exact growth mindset to the way we operate:

“We were founded with the belief that anyone should be able to access quality tutors. So we work intensively to find, hire, and train the best tutors — regardless of location and time zone. Through professional development, on-going management, and quality control measures, we show our commitment to quality and accessibility,” he says.


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Matt’s approach is reflected on Revolution Prep’s daily operations. By fostering a community of professional tutors who learn from and help each other, we can offer our students the tools necessary to break down barriers and achieve their goals.

After all, your child deserves to work with tutors who are committed to their betterment in every lesson. Our professional tutors do that on a daily basis.

Revolution Prep has tutors available at all time zones and who specialize in more than 100 academic and test prep subjects. They are also trained to develop a personalized study plan that focuses on what your children need to be successful in school and in their personal lives.

“Not all tutors are created equal, and at Revolution Prep, we are extremely proud of ours. We put our students first, so we match them with a tutor who is the perfect fit.” Matt adds.

To learn more about why our tutors are the best fit for your child, and how they can help your child succeed, check out our Private Tutoring, Tutoring, Homework Help, and Small Group Courses pages.