10 Things We Learned: Not all online learning is created equal.

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According to a poll published in the LA Times, many parents are worried distance learning is negatively affecting their children. But not all online learning is created equal.

While virtual classrooms with 20+ students limit student engagement and retention, there are alternative formats — such as private or small group tutoring — that ensure children learn just as much, if not more, than in person.

With muted microphones and cameras turned off, students don’t have the incentive to participate and ask questions. The solution? Creating an environment that fuels engagement and executive functioning skills.

“Parents are right to be worried about distance learning, because most online teaching isn’t designed to truly help students learn. But they should be, and that’s what we have done at Revolution Prep since going virtual 10 years ago,” says Jake Neuberg, one of Revolution Prep’s founders.


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One-on-one and small group tutoring sessions are a completely different experience than large virtual classrooms. Distance learning doesn’t work in a one-size-fits-all approach — students need study plans to be personalized to their specific needs and goals.

Tutoring can be the solution to concerns regarding distance learning, and a safety net to guarantee that your children not only keep pace in school but get ahead.

“Students who turn this obstacle-ridden academic year into an opportunity to stand out, boost their grades, and become independent learners will set themselves for life-long success,” Jake adds.

We’d love to help your child get there!

-The Revolution Prep Team