3 Ways to Prepare for College Over Spring Break

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Spring break is right around the corner and is a great time for your child to relax and destress. If your child is a junior or senior, it is also a good time to get a jump start on some pieces of the college entrance process. By knocking out some of these things now, you can help save your child from some of the chaos as high school gets busier down the road! Here are 3 ways to do a little college prep during this time:


Spring break can be the perfect time to visit a college or two, especially if you can tie it into a family vacation. Since colleges take Spring Break at different times, you have a great chance of classes still being in session when you visit, which is ideal. Seeing the activity and environment at a college firsthand helps get your child excited about the experience – and motivated to do his best to get there! Some kids think that college is just an extension of high school with more boring classes and waking up early. As you know, this is certainly not the case! To get the most out of your visit, here is a handy checklist!

Consider SAT Subject Tests

This is a great chance to prepare for SAT Subject Tests (or to look into them if you are not familiar!). Taking these tests in May or June is ideal so preparing over Spring Break is perfect! Why take a subject test? Some competitive schools require or highly recommend them but, even if your child’s top choices don’t, they can still be valuable. Not only can subject tests showcase a student’s strengths, but colleges accept them to get a more complete picture of applicants. Help your child send a message to colleges about his interest in a particular subject and how he is ready to tackle the work!

Think About Summer Plans

Whether your child gets a job, participates in volunteer work, or prepares for their upcoming SAT/ACT, it is important to put some consideration into how summertime will be spent. We highly recommend using this time to prepare for standardized tests and to set up a schedule well in advance for doing so. Charting out a plan for summer over spring break for independent study or with one of our tutors will help ensure that your child actually puts the time into preparation that he needs. The best tutors get scheduled months in advance so it is important to get a plan in place early to ensure your child has the best preparation possible.

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