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7 Tips for Taking an SAT Subject Test

7 Tips for Taking an SAT Subject Test

SAT Subject Tests are strenuous one-hour exams that test a student’s knowledge of a particular subject. Scores from these tests can be used to enhance a college application and are important when applying to the most selective schools. Since the stakes are high, it is important that your child do all she can to fully prepare for the SAT Subject Tests. These 7 tips can help ensure test success for your child:

Come Prepared

Make sure you review what you need for the specific SAT Subject Test you are taking. A calculator is required for Mathematics Levels 1 and 2, for example. You don’t want to do all the work to prepare and not be able to take the exam! Also, make sure you bring a jacket in case the testing room is cold – distractions are not your friend during these tests.

Understand the Scoring

You get one point for each right answer and lose a fraction of a point for a wrong one. Hard questions count the same as easier ones, so plan accordingly. Hint: Answer the easy questions first! Also, know when to guess! If you can eliminate even one wrong answer, the math says you should make a guess.

Keep it Neat

The answer sheet is scored by a machine, so make sure you answer clearly and in the space provided. How frustrating would it be to have the right answer but have the machine pick up a doodle! Be precise with those bubbles!

Circle Skipped Questions

If you choose to skip a question, which can make a lot of sense, circle it. This simple trick can help you quickly know what to come back to and make sure you aren’t missing out on points through careless mistakes. And make sure you skip it on the answer sheet as well so you don’t really mess yourself up!

Use Your Test Booklet as Scrap Paper

Nothing you write in the test booklet will count towards your score, so scribble away. This is a great place to make notes or jot down ideas. Just make sure you transfer the final answer to your answer sheet!

Move at Steady Pace, But Don’t Rush

Pacing is an issue many students have a problem with on standardized tests such as these. Through practice, you can develop a feel for how long questions take and plan accordingly. Your Revolution Prep advisor can also give you tips on how to maintain a good flow on SAT Subject Tests.

Take Practice Tests

Practice tests are the most effective way to prepare for SAT Subject Tests. Not only do they allow you to see the types of questions on the test, your advisor can help you determine patterns in questions you missed and give you tips to not miss them on the actual exam.

Armed with these tips, you are already on your way in your preparation for any of the SAT Subject Tests. Many students benefit from one-one-one tutoring that will allow you to hone the skills from your honors/AP classes and develop helpful test-taking strategies. Even if this is not for you, make sure you set a plan and adequate timeline for preparation to ensure you can do your best!

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