Is it better to focus on winning several small scholarships or one large one?

As part our College Q & A guide, we decided to ask your questions to the experts. Here are their answers.

Rondalynne McClintock Owner/Principal Consultant Education Access Solutions

Yes, but… If the small scholarships are local scholarships with little competition and requirements that you meet, it’s better to focus on them. However, if the large one offers a significant number of awards (like the Gates Scholarship) then you should put a lot of effort into it. Evaluate the scholarship for its appropriateness to you.

Nancy Milne Owner Milne Collegiate Consulting

No one has the crystal ball on this issue. If you have the time and qualifications, why not apply for the small and large scholarships; you just never know. There is no limit to how many awards you can compete for, but realize that it can take on a life of it’s own and become overwhelming. So, do your homework and focus your efforts on opportunities that are truly realistic.

王文君 June Scortino, President, IVY Counselors Network

It is not about small or big, it is about the most effective way of spend your time. you should consider school selection the most critical one for more aid, and then fill aid online with qualification for scholarships, last one is to use your spare time to get some extra aid. remember, your outside scholarships will hep the college to reduce your aid.

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