The Power of Classroom Discussion – From The Founders

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Hello Revolutionaries,
Jake and Ramit here. We founded Revolution Prep 16 years ago with the idea that great instruction is the key to education. With that in mind, we thought we’d share a great example of how we see educators revolutionizing the way students learn.

Did you know that classroom discussion leads to higher test scores? “On average, research illustrates that students in a class without discussion only achieved average gains of 25% from their pre-to post-test scores. Once teachers…took time for students to collaborate in small groups, they saw average gains of 48%.”

In her article, “What’s All That Noise? It’s My Happy Students!,” social studies teacher Barbara Wade discusses how she encourages a loud and lively classroom – a picture at odds with the traditional notion that “the hushed classroom is where the real learning is happening.” By giving students the agency to choose discussion topics that are of interest, and fostering those discussions with small-group, project-based learning, students are empowered to be curious, to share ideas, and to appreciate collaboration – valuable skills for college and beyond, especially in today’s polarized world.

At Revolution Prep, we’ve based our educational philosophy on growth mindset, and the fact that students who are taught to actively pursue challenges see improvements in both their abilities and achievement. These ideas fit together hand in glove: by tackling difficult concepts that are relevant to their lives, students take ownership of their own educational journeys and believe in their ability to grow.

At Revolution Prep, our tutors are trained to cultivate that growth mindset in students that leads to tackling tough problems, asking tough questions, and believing in the power of discourse and discussion. Whether it’s a private tutoring session or the small-group learning environment of an online Homework Help session or Group Course, we agree that the secret to high-achieving students is instruction that empowers and builds confidence.

Make sure to check out Ms. Wade’s article, and let us know if you have any thoughts on how a lively discussion can impact the students in your life!

All the best,
Jake & Ramit
Revolution Prep