Labor Day Reminds Us That Everyone Needs a Break

2-minute read

Happy Labor Day!

Today we celebrate the social contribution of the labor movement and the daily hard work and effort from workers who make the country function.

But there’s another lesson we can learn from today:

Even the hardest of workers needs a day off.

Students of all ages are constantly taught the importance of being focused, putting in the hours, and prioritizing school. Through that “labor,” they will graduate, attend great schools, and become role model professionals and citizens.

But days off are just as essential. They avoid burnouts and keep our children and teens’ spirits happy and motivated.

A study from the University of Illinois, for example, found that time off aids productivity and helps maintain consistency in performance.

In other words, days off allow students to learn just as much at the end of the school year as they do in the beginning.

Here are four more scientific-proven reasons students should take Labor Day (and a few other days throughout the academic year) to enjoy time with family and friends:

  • It helps their mental health. Time off allows our brains to process information it has recently learned. It also encourages creativity and reduces the chances of students developing depression and panic attacks.
  • It helps their physical health. During a pandemic, the last thing we want is our children with damaged immune systems, which happens when students are stressed. A recharging day takes care of that and keeps them healthy.
  • It helps their relationship with you (and the rest of the family)! Having a day off allows students to enjoy quality, extended time with their parents and siblings. Finding such time in between classes, tutoring, doing homework, and extracurriculars can be tough.
  • It helps them stay motivated. A study routine and healthy habits are key. However, too much repetition can lead students to lose focus and interest in learning and improving. Time off avoids loss in focus.

The science says it, and Revolution Prep backs it up. This Labor Day, spend some time outside, grill some hot dogs and veggies, and enjoy time with family and friends. We’ll get back to studying tomorrow!