Preparing for any AP Test

Right now, many students across the country are s a bit nervous about the AP Exams.  Being calm and collected on test day has been shown to be one of the biggest factors in test performance, and one of the best ways to achieve that inner calm is from knowing what to expect on the test.

While there are many brands of study guides for sale that contain complete practice exams, another little known source (to students, anyway) of free exam material is on the College Board site itself.  Simply click on the links for “Education Professionals” followed by “K-12 teachers” and “AP Central Course Homepages” (under “Teacher Resources”).  Here you will find tests from previous years along with material written for teachers to help their students prepare for the tests.   For instance, for the European History AP Test, there are sample free response questions from the 1999-2010 tests, and there are sample student responses for all years dating back to 2003.  Similar resources are available for all AP courses.

If you need additional help, you can also hire an academic tutor who specifically teaches for your AP Exam. Revolution also offers AP Booster Classes.

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