U.S. High School Graduation Rate is Rising

Despite the seemingly ubiquitous reports of economic hardship and increased joblessness, there is one statistic that sheds positive light on the future of our nation.  A recent study conducted by Colin Powell’s nonprofit organization and published by America’s Promise Alliance, has shown an increase in the national high school graduation rate. Even school districts previously termed “drop out factories” have seen a marked increase in number of students making the journey across the platform on graduation day.

Yet high school graduation is not the end of many students’ educational endeavors. Not only is a high school diploma an accomplishment in its own right but it is also a valuable stepping stone. With more students earning high school diplomas, the pool of qualified college applicants from all socioeconomic backgrounds is growing as well. Because the greatest increases in high school graduation rates come from areas where college is not traditionally a financially viable option, steps need to be taken to even the playing field and allow all students the opportunity to attend college.

Revolution Prep has believed since its inception that a good education is a right and not a privilege. In order to reward the hard work put in by students from challenging backgrounds, Revolution Prep has given away 1.6 million dollars in need based scholarships last year alone.  This money has enabled thousands of students to take critical SAT test and ACT test prep classes, and further improve their chances at college admittance. We believe this is not an exercise in charity however; but an investment in the renewal of our nation.


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