Why are more students seeking the help of private tutors?

The use of private tutoring as a supplement to traditional high school education is growing. This influx stems from challenges in both the high school learning experience and the college admissions process. Students’ and parents’ expectations as they navigate high school and prepare for college are changing.

With many public schools struggling for adequate funding while watching class sizes grow, teachers are unable to give their students the individualized attention they need. Schools are also requiring that teachers cover a larger curriculum, so many students are unable to master and review concepts before new ones are introduced. Additionally, colleges and universities are becoming more and more selective in their admissions processes due to the increasing number of students pursuing secondary education.

Parents who see this combination of challenges are looking to private tutors for a uniquely tailored learning experience. Whether this means filling in the gaps of classroom curriculum, or helping a student take his applications from good to great, a tutor affords a student the freedom to learn at his own pace and in the most efficient manner.

Although the use of private tutoring is not new, it has been widely reevaluated due to today’s students’ increased need for individual attention and desire for a competitive edge. Parents are finding that even if their children are keeping up in class and are self-motivated in the college applications process, a little extra help goes a long way.

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