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7 Tips for Taking an SAT Subject Test

SAT Subject Tests are strenuous one-hour exams that test a student’s knowledge of a particular subject. Scores from these tests can be used to enhance a college application and are important when applying to the most selective schools. Since the stakes are high, it is important that your child do all she can to fully… Continue reading

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Your Child’s AP Scores Could Be Worth $50,000!

AP Exams are taken each May by students to show their mastery of particular subjects to potential colleges. Doing well on these tests can lead to college credit and merit-based scholarships at certain schools. Students who take AP exams and score well are 62% more likely to graduate from college in four years or less…. Continue reading

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How to Prepare for SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests are tools that the most competitive colleges use to identify students who stand out in the crowd. These schools receive a TON of applicants each year and have some pretty difficult choices to make about who is in, and who is out. Students who take SAT Subject Tests in areas they can… Continue reading

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Why Top Schools Use Revolution Prep

  Directors of College Counseling at top private and public schools around the country share why they choose to work closely with Revolution Prep.

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[Video] Maximize Your Potential With Growth Mindset

  The presentation presents powerful and important academic research on how to best help students maximize their potential in a digestible and entertaining way that provides attendees with 8 key points they can apply to their lives immediately.

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