GPA Protection Plan

Expert academic help on-demand.

Imagine having a team of the world’s best tutors on call, ready to jump in and help your student from anywhere they have a web connection. If that sounds like something that could help your child succeed at school, then our Revolution Prep GPA Protection Program is designed just for you. With GPA Protection, students get the best of everything – personalized instruction, Internet-ready convenience, and a low $99 rate that makes the package accessible to everybody.

Tutoring On-demand

Book a tutor whenever you need one. Simply log on, choose your time-slot, and get to work in 30-minute focused sessions.

Unlimited Usage

Students are free to use as much tutoring throughout the month as they need, in their choice of over 20 subjects.

Focused on Your Homework

Send your homework to tutors ahead of time and work through problems together.

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Never fail a test again.

Our GPA Protection program is the ultimate way to “fill in the gaps” that traditional classes leave behind. This unlimited and affordable option gives students continuous access to online tutors, so they can get help with nearly any subject or challenge immediately. We put tutoring help at their fingertips, with no monthly limits.

Available anywhere you are.

Revolution allows you to schedule tutoring sessions and upload homework right from your cell phone. Booking a tutor or getting help with your homework couldn’t be easier.

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Subjects covered


  • 6/7th grade math
  • Pre-algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • AP Calculus (AB/BC)
  • Statistics (including AP)


  • English/Language Arts, grades 6-12
  • AP English Language & Literature


  • Spanish language, grades 6-12
  • AP Spanish Language & Literature


  • French language, grades 6-12
  • AP French Language & Literature


  • General Science (middle school)
  • Biology (through AP)
  • Chemistry (through AP)
  • Physics (through AP)


  • Social Studies (middle school)
  • US History (through AP)
  • European History (through AP)
  • World History (through AP)