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Learn how your child can get ahead with Revolution Math

The smart after-school activity (Grades 2-5)

Entertain & Engage

Our curriculum is designed to be fun, adaptive, and highly cooperative.

Every week, your child will take part in a fun, exciting group-oriented math adventure. Together with the rest of the squad, they’ll make choices, solve mysteries, and save the day – while they learn math and build their confidence.

For many learners, math is a source of anxiety and frustration. In the Revolution Math program, learning and practicing math takes a new and rewarding form: unlocking the next door, navigating the maze, or catching rare insects.

With Revolution Math, your child will be introduced to math concepts before they see them in school. This allows them to make mistakes in a safe small group environment, with a teacher and squad-mates they trust.

As your child progresses in Revolution Math, growth in skills and understanding takes the form of earning points and levels, helping to build their pride in accomplishment. They’ll also be able to earn educational toys and games in our rewards store!

How it works

  1. Kids gather in a group of 4 students and meet their Revolution Math teacher once a week for an hour in an online interactive classroom
  2. Our teachers introduce math material 2-4 weeks in advance of schools, helping your child build confidence and gain conceptual familiarity
  3. An engaging story delivers fun activities that make the learning process fun and exciting

Why it works

Story-Based Curriculum

Research shows that the best way to engage young learners is through the interaction between characters and storytelling. Our story-based after-school activities will get your child excited about the learning process and inspire them to be great at math.

Teaching Ahead

Your child will be introduced to math topics before they are covered in school, helping them gain conceptual familiarity in advance of their classmates. By the time they see this material in school, they will be confident and excited to raise their hands with the answers.

Social Engagement

Social learning is a critical component of the educational experience. Kids love learning together and having a safe place where they can make mistakes. Revolution Math gives kids a stress-free environment to hone their math skills and build their confidence.

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Upcoming Schedules

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2nd Grade

Start dateMeets on  
12/12/16Mon 4 PM PST
12/12/16Mon 6 PM PST
12/13/16Tue 3 PM PSTEnroll
12/14/16Wed 4 PM PST
12/15/16Thu 1 PM PSTEnroll
12/17/16Sat 6 AM PSTEnroll

3rd Grade

Start dateMeets on  
12/11/16Sun 10 AM PST Enroll
12/12/16Mon 2:30 PM PSTEnroll
12/12/16Mon 3:45 PM PST
12/12/16Mon 6 PM PSTEnroll
12/14/16Wed 3 PM PSTEnroll
12/14/16Wed 5 PM PSTEnroll
12/15/16Thu 2 PM PSTEnroll
12/15/16Thu 5 PM PSTEnroll
12/18/16Sun 9 AM PSTEnroll
01/09/17Mon 2 PM PST Enroll
01/09/17Mon 3 PM PST Enroll

4th Grade

Start dateMeets on  
12/11/16Sun 3 PM PST Enroll
12/12/16Mon 7 PM PSTEnroll
12/13/16Tue 4 PM PSTEnroll
12/13/16Tue 5 PM PSTEnroll
12/13/16Tue 6 PM PST Enroll
12/14/16Wed 4 PM PST
12/14/16Wed 6 PM PSTEnroll

5th Grade

Start dateMeets on  
12/11/16Sun 7:30 AM PST Enroll
12/12/16Mon 4 PM PSTEnroll
12/12/16Mon 5 PM PST Enroll
12/13/16Tue 2 PM PST Enroll
12/13/16Tue 3 PM PST Enroll
12/14/16Wed 4 PM PST
12/15/16Thu 5 PM PSTEnroll