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Improved confidence yields an early acceptance.


Emma came to Revolution as a high-scoring high school junior fighting for the last few points of improvement on the SAT in order to get into her dream school, Tufts. She was scoring a 1730 after trying self-study and working with other tutors. Emma began working with Diego in the spring of her junior year. After a couple of months of working together, Emma took the SAT in June and scored a 2000. Emma was thrilled with this significant score improvement, but Diego knew she could do better.

Diego analyzed Emma’s testing strengths and weaknesses and recommended that she consider switching from prepping for the SAT to the ACT. Over the summer between Emma’s junior and senior year, Diego focused his sessions with Emma specifically on increasing her focus and developing regimented techniques for eliminating answer choices and minimizing guessing errors. He also asked Emma to begin a Test Zone Journal, where she wrote a few short entries before and after each exam that illustrated what helped and hurt her scores.
In September, Emma took the ACT and scored a 33, 92nd percentile, equivalent to a SAT score of 2180. With an exceptionally strong ACT score achieved, Emma and Diego shifted their focus to Emma’s Tufts application.

When they started going through her rough drafts together, Diego noticed that Emma had incorporated advice from an admissions consultant that didn’t ring true to Emma. Knowing Emma so well, Diego was able to help her more fully express who she was as a candidate without erasing her identity.

In January of her senior year, Emma received her official acceptance letter to Tufts, early decision! Diego will resume working with Emma next fall when she heads off to college to begin studying neuroscience, one of Diego’s areas of expertise.


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