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Quick start, quick climb. Riley makes a 6 point ACT increase.


“In the midst of a cross-country move and going through the college application process, we were thankful to have been referred to Revolution Prep. After several weeks of tutoring, Riley achieved a six point improvement on her ACT scores. We are thrilled with the results.” Quote from Riley’s mom, Jessica.

Riley came to Revolution Prep in the fall of her senior year of high school. Riley’s dad is active duty military and had recently been transferred. As a result of the cross- country move, Riley realized late in the college application process that she did not have the test scores she needed to be a competitive applicant at the schools she was targeting. She had just one more opportunity to take the ACT before sending in her college applications.

Because Revolution Prep employs a full time staff of professionals, Riley was able to get started working with her tutor, Michelle, after a very quick registration process. They scheduled ten sessions together over the three weeks leading up to the ACT. Riley’s initial score was a 19. Michelle identified Riley’s biggest opportunities for score improvement and focused their limited time together on these areas. During their one-on-one sessions, they also worked on test taking strategies and time management skills. Three weeks later, Riley earned a 25 on the official ACT and was able to apply to her dream colleges with confidence.

“Michelle, my tutor, met with me in online sessions. I could not have been set up with a better tutor. She was enthusiastic, kind and fun to work with, but also knowledgeable, resourceful and helpful in every subject. Sometimes we studied for hours at a time. She was flexible and patient. Michelle helped me prepare for the test with my head up, full of confidence.” Quote from Riley, high school senior.


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