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Tutor: Friend or Foe?

A great tutor can be life changing. An okay tutor can do more harm than good. Many people ask us ways to evaluate whether someone will be a good tutor for their child. Choosing tutors is something we have a lot of experience with and we are happy to share what we’ve learned. Over the past… Continue reading

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How Tutoring Helps Straight A Students

Through Revolution Prep, I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of families plan and prepare for the SAT, ACT and academics. I’ve worked with straight-A students looking to raise their score up to a 2300+ on the SAT, and I’ve worked with students hoping to master algebra, and everyone in between. I’ve also seen the positive impact that… Continue reading

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Improved confidence yields an early acceptance.

Emma came to Revolution as a high-scoring high school junior fighting for the last few points of improvement on the SAT in order to get into her dream school, Tufts. She was scoring a 1730 after trying self-study and working with other tutors. Emma began working with Diego in the spring of her junior year…. Continue reading

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Planning Ahead – The Importance of Creating an Academic Roadmap Now

For many high school bound freshmen, the college admissions process and college applications seem like a setting sun on a distant horizon. Most feel their time is better served focusing on the vast stretch of road that lies immediately in front of them. Why not focus on the “here and now”? College applications are not… Continue reading

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A Tutor a Day Keeps the Stress Away: Benefits of Long-term Academic Tutoring

A steady and long-term academic tutor is like having a regular doctor. Preventative medicine protects one from possible disease. In the same manner, academic tutors prevent academic dis-ease by lowering stress levels, academic anxiety, and ensuring that people feel confident about their learning experiences. We have seen parents in panicked concern, students “freaking out,” and… Continue reading

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