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Want to know how you learned to hate math?

It’s actually pretty simple. (Well actually I’m going to MASSIVELY oversimplify it so I can write an entertaining post. I’m happy to address the finer points if you follow up with me.) The elementary school system is out to get you! Just kidding. Actually, I’m kinda serious… You see elementary school has a single teacher… Continue reading

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The “Three R’s” aren’t enough

You know that if you subtract 56 from 73, you’ll need to “carry the one”. We all know to “carry the one” but very few of us understand why. This is because we were taught this skill, but not the concept behind the skill. In the past (and unfortunately, often in the present as well),… Continue reading

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The 3Ms: Mastery. Go beyond “What did you learn in school today?”

In my last post, I talked about getting beyond the Three R’s to develop higher level thinking skills in your student. At Revolution, we have developed an approach to instilling what we call the Three M’s in every student with whom we work. The Three M’s are Mastery, Management and Mindset. Today I am going… Continue reading

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