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Is Online Out of Line?

Online learning seems trendy, but is it effective? Does it offer real advantages or is it just the latest technology fad? Scientific American’s August issue included a special report on “Learning in the Digital Age”. This report includes articles on the growing trend of online and flipped classrooms in the university setting, as well as… Continue reading

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How To Be An Active Reader

One misconception commonly held by students is that reading is a passive activity. Unfortunately, passing your eyes over words on a page does not automatically store the material in your brain. You have to work for it – coax the information into your memory by asking questions and taking notes. These strategies fall into one… Continue reading

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Reasons to Take the SAT Subject Exams, Even if the School’s You’re Applying for Don’t Require Them

For a lot of students, skipping the SAT subject exams seems like an easy choice. You’re busy, you’re burnt out, and you’re tired of taking standardized tests. Plus, you don’t have to take them, right? So, why bother? Turns out there are plenty of reasons for you to take the SAT subject exams, even if… Continue reading

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5 Math Tips to Multiply your SAT Score

The March SAT is just a few weeks away! Are you ready, or do you still shiver at the thought of figuring out one more ratio? Either way, here are five tips that should help you supercharge your math score. 1. Never, ever, ever guess randomly.  Like ever. You don’t understand how to do the… Continue reading

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Online Learning: Crossing Geographic and Economic Boundaries

For many parents, the concept of live online instruction is a foreign one.  The idea that an authentic and personalized learning experience can be garnered in through a virtual platform is difficult to grasp, particularly for parents whose own educations were grounded in traditional classrooms.  However, the fact is that current technology provides a progressive… Continue reading

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Welcome to the Revolution

For those of you who are new Revolutionaries or just folks who happened to stumble upon us, welcome to the official Revolution Prep blog! Future posts will focus on SAT and ACT prep help, study tips, college admissions advice and education trends, but let me take a moment to catch you up on who we… Continue reading

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