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What to do about the new Redesigned SAT

Parents of Rising High School Juniors – Did you party too hard before taking the SAT? If the answer is yes, then you are in the seeming majority.  I have had people from HS principals to Congressmen tell me the same story: how they partied the night before and took the SAT cold.  Well folks, like… Continue reading

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How To Be An Active Reader

One misconception commonly held by students is that reading is a passive activity. Unfortunately, passing your eyes over words on a page does not automatically store the material in your brain. You have to work for it – coax the information into your memory by asking questions and taking notes. These strategies fall into one… Continue reading

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Triangles, triangles, triangles!

It’s no secret that most students aren’t massive fans of the geometry questions on the SAT math. And why would they be? If you’re taking your SAT your junior or senior year, in all likelihood you haven’t thought about geometry in awhile… and reviewing a ton of formulas about shapes isn’t too many students’ idea of a good time…. Continue reading

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Essay prompt: Is strong leadership necessary for society to progress?

This is the hard part. You sit at your desk, biting on the end of your pencil, listening to the furious scribbles of the students seated around you. You start to panic. What should you write about? There are simultaneously too many options and not enough. You sift quickly through your inner Rolodex, flicking through… Continue reading

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Smart Kid Problem

As we all know, getting straight As in school doesn’t guarantee you a stellar SAT score. But why not? Smart is smart, right? Shouldn’t your grades correspond with how well you do on an annoying standardized test? Not really. The SAT is a critical reasoning test, which is different than the fact-based tests you’re used… Continue reading

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SAT vs. ACT: What test should I choose?

To SAT, or not to SAT? That is, indeed, the question. Now that both the SAT and ACT are accepted at the majority of colleges, students are faced with an important decision. Here are the two most important questions to ask yourself when deciding whether to prepare for the SAT or ACT. 1. What do… Continue reading

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