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3 Star Tutoring Reviews

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Yes Erik was very helpful and insightful, he taught me many great things in preparing for the ACT.

at Trinity High School on Tutor Erik

Ashley was helpful and explained quite well. At times it was difficult to coordinate times with her due to last minute cancellations.

at Westview High School on Tutor Ashley

Ashley has helped me a lot over the course of the SAT. However, I didn't see much improvement over my score.

at Beckman High School on Tutor Ashley

great teacher, glad to have it

at Notre Dame Catholic High School on Tutor Brittany

still figuring it out

at Sonoma Academy on Tutor Gillian

Not much. tutor we got instead is great

at Montclair HS on Tutor John

do not want to respond

at Saint Michaels Academy on Tutor Marcelo

She was a good tutor, identified Noor's weaknesses, however Noor was still not able to bring up her score more than 50 points

at Beckman High School on Tutor Rae