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I usually dislike math, but math is so much better when I'm doing it with Keith!

at Jackson Hole High School loves Tutor Keith

He is a great person to work with!! We have a lot in common and he always keeps me on track.

at Central High School loves Tutor Adam

Yes, Jamie is a great tutor!

at Ridge High School loves Tutor Jamie

Explain tricks and gave me lots of practice problems

at Lawrence High School loves Tutor Marina

Incredibly helpful and flexible. 10/10 would recommend

at La Jolla Senior High School loves Tutor Michelle

Patient and detailed in explaining how to improve my scores.

at Lakewood Senior High School loves Tutor Joshua

She was very good at explaining different methods of answering questions and also able to find good explanations for questions that I got wrong. Working with her was fun and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a strong tutor for the ACT.

at Suncoast Community High School loves Tutor Cindi

She is a great tutor.

at Coronado Middle School loves Tutor Paige

Sean is a great teacher who motivates students to work hard and do their best.

at Hingham High School loves Tutor Sean

Audrey is an amazing tutor and person!

at Forest Park HS loves Tutor Audrey

i really like the way he teaches and helps you through the problems that you don't understand and understanding the concepts and what you have to watch out for on the SAT

at Osbourn Park Senior HS loves Tutor John

Iman was great! Really focused on what I need and helped me identify my gaps

at Tuscarora High School loves Tutor Iman

Tamara was an amazing tutor and really helped my daughter to effectively prepare for the ACT. Although a tremendous amount of work, the results speak for themselves. My daughter went from a 29 on the 1st practice test, to a 35 on the actual test!

at Perkiomen Valley High School loves Tutor Tamara

she did very well with my daughetr

at Sharon High School loves Tutor Jennifer

Michelle is very helpful and supportive. She offers great advice and techniques.

at Washington Lee High School loves Tutor Michelle

Yes! Audra is very flexible when it comes to scheduling sessions and is determined to make sure that i understand the reason behind every answer to an equation. I highly recommend her as a tutor to anyone that is very confused regarding math or science.

at Notre Dame Prep HS loves Tutor Audra

helping me reach my goal

at Gann Academy New Jewish High School Of Greater Boston loves Tutor Jennifer

He's incredibly knowledgeable and helps a lot with the SAT practice, and we go over the procedure for each individual question which I feel helps me out very much

at North Broward Preparatory School loves Tutor Eric

josh really helped me understand what i needed to do to get a better score.

at Capistrano Valley High School loves Tutor Joshua

Alison is a good tutor. This popup window is 0/10 and really annoying.

at Durham Academy Upper School loves Tutor Alison

Alexis is really nice. She always is positive and is very knowledgable!

at Peddie School loves Tutor Alexis

Very good at correcting my specific errors! If I am making a certain type of mistake, he picks up on it really quick and gives me a great way to avoid it.

at Weston HS loves Tutor Philip

Andrew has boosted my ACT by three points within one week of his tutoring. He makes the material easy to understand and is very thorough tutor. I would highly recommend him to anyone!!

at Saint Joseph Academy loves Tutor Andrew

Great help, always knows the best way to explain even the more difficult topics.

at Chandler High School loves Tutor Audra

she was very patient and never made me feel "stupid".

at Duxbury High School loves Tutor Jennifer