About this webinar

Long-lasting happiness is the kind that comes from within; it’s the kind that stems from your values. Those values are translated through our habits. Whether school habits, family habits, success habits, or any other kind of habit, habits are things under our control, which help to determine our overall level of happiness.

In this session, we will identify 6 habits that separate the best students from the students who struggle, and how mastering these 6 habits will lead to lower stress, better grades, and an overall increase in quality of life.

About the Speaker

Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy

Sean is the Director of Instruction at Revolution Prep and has worked in education for over 5 years, serving as a tutor, master teacher, and curriculum manager. Originally from Massachusetts, Sean is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and spent two years following college in the AmeriCorps national service program, working with non-profit organizations in California, Oregon, Louisiana and Alabama. He has also worked as the Director of Operations for the Catholic Schools Office of Boston, Massachusetts.