About Revolution

Every child has the potential for academic success.

We believe that with the right tools, preparation, and mindset, every child has the ability to succeed. Revolution Prep was founded in 2002 with the dream of changing education for the better. Too often, we see students who believe they don’t have the natural talent to succeed in school or get into a good college. Growth mindset is the belief that you can improve and grow – and it is at the core of Revolution’s curriculum.

Every child deserves the best instruction

Think back to your time in school. We all had a teacher we’ll never forget – a teacher who truly inspired us and made a tangible difference in our lives. That teacher – who motivates and ignites students’ love of learning – is what we look for in every Professional Tutor we hire. And we support their passion for teaching by hiring them as full-time, career Professional Tutors, allowing them to focus completely on the most important thing in their lives: their students.

Our Professional Tutors

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The best tutors live all across the country. Across zip codes, state lines and time zones.

Virtual classrooms allow us to hire anyone, anywhere. We bring the best tutors to you, no matter where you or they are. If you need a Jeopardy! Champion, we have you covered. Literally.

Revolution Prep is proud to deliver the highest caliber tutoring to you in the most convenient location – your home.

How it works

Did you know that it’s harder to become a Revolution Prep tutor than it is to get accepted into an Ivy League school? We search high and low, and go through hundreds of applicants to fill a single position.

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Our story

Jake and Ramit founded Revolution Prep with a vision to transform education. In 2002, they both graduated from UCLA and tutored hundreds of students. They noticed that the key to great tutoring was great tutors – and they noticed that other companies were missing the mark.

We couldn’t be more proud of the role that we are able to play in the lives of our students.

Co-Founders Jake Neuberg and Ramit Varma

Starting with a single SAT prep class in Santa Monica, Revolution Prep quickly grew into a business helping thousands of students every year.

The importance of the right instructor has always been key to Revolution Prep’s philosophy. Even as a tiny company there was an incredible effort to hire truly exceptional instructors.