Private Tutoring for Grades K-College

Work on what you want, when you want.

The best teachers make the biggest impact. Our engaging, professional tutors work one-on-one with your child to define goals, provide support, and reach their potential.

Private Tutoring Packages

Get the most customized experience with a professional online tutor to help you tackle any subject, academic or test prep.

*1398 price includes $199 enrollment fee (waived at 24, 36, and greater hours). The above pricing is the Advanced tutor tier rate. We create unrivaled career opportunities for tutors, providing ongoing professional development, so tutors fall into four tiers depending on experience: Advanced, Distinguished, Premium, and Global Elite. To learn more about our Distinguished, Premium, and Global Elite tutors or to enroll in 48- or 60-hour options, contact your Revolution Prep team member. We back all our tutors with a money-back guarantee.

Program Features

  • Live online sessions with an amazing private tutor in one or more subjects of your choice, providing the most individualized instruction with proven results.
  • Your child will get the same professional tutor for all sessions, developing a strong level of engagement and familiarity.
  • Fully customized schedule based on your availability, giving you the most flexibility, even for the busiest of families.
  • Our professional tutors are experts at engaging your child to drive the best results.

The Revolution Method

The most effective tutoring framework anywhere because it rests on four essential pillars – professional tutors, academic advisors, growth mindset, and parent updates.

Professional Tutors

Our tutors set us apart. They have an average of 10 years experience, with some boasting 35 years in the field. Over 41% have advanced degrees—spanning education, humanities, and STEM; 30% have K-12 or university classroom experience; and nearly a third have experience supporting students with learning differences. Our tutors train in the latest research-backed pedagogy and have access to specialized certification programs. The result: highly customized experiences to meet your student's exact needs.

Growth Mindset

Revolution’s tutors are trained to develop a Growth Mindset in their students to help them feel comfortable with the idea that academic success depends on a belief in one’s ability to grow, and being challenged through hard work and effort.

Academic Advisors

Our Academic Advisors are the primary point of contact for parents and counselors. They oversee the tutoring process by helping to set goals and then monitoring the effectiveness of the tutoring.

Parent Updates

Every week you will receive a video update from your child’s tutor that details progress to date and upcoming goals. These updates are reviewed periodically by your Academic Advisor, to ensure that your child is progressing to goal.

More Than 100 Academic and Test Prep Subjects

No matter the subject, we can help. Our professional tutor faculty is experienced in a range of subjects, including AP and IB levels, as well as SAT Subject Tests.

Money-back guarantee!

If your child is unsatisfied for any reason during the first 30 days or 6 hours (whichever comes first) of Private Tutoring or their Small Group Course, we will refund your money. See eligibility requirements >

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