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UCSB – UC Admissions + Personal Insight Questions

AJ Sims – UCSB Admissions Counselor Thursday August 17th at 6pm Pacific Standard Time
Webinar with AJ Sims
Learn all about the UC admissions process in this quick 1-hour webinar. We focus on UC campuses, applications, and the redesigned personal insight questions to help you optimize your application.
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Growth Mindset – Student Success Research Coming Out of Stanford

Sean Murphy, Director of Instruction at Revolution Prep Wednesday August 23rd at 6pm Pacific Standard Time
Webinar with Sean Murphy
How your child thinks about their own potential to grow has massive implications for future success. Dr. Carol Dweck, author of Mindset, has conducted extensive research that reveals the power of a growth mindset, the belief that through continued effort and action you can continue to improve in any area—that even your intelligence can constantly improve! In this webinar, we’ll walk you through some of these amazing findings, and give you practical tips for cultivating a growth mindset in your child.
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