Admissions officers – what is the most memorable experience you've had in admissions?

As part our College Q & A guide, we decided to ask your questions to the the experts. Here are their answers.

Edward, LaMeire, CEO LaMeire College Consulting (

Probably a few of the essays that I’ve read. One was written by a girl about her first sexual experience. I remember the first line was her internal monologue: “That was it?” That essay was passed around the office. Another was an essay I received shortly after 9/11, written by a Muslim student (who happened to be at a Catholic high school) speaking about his faith. In essence, it was a sort of preemptive attack against anyone who would try to challenge him on the basis of his heritage. Really gutsy at that time, and it said a ton about him. Obviously, if done correctly, the essay can really leave an impression.


Bernadina Streeter

My most memorable experience is the student and his or her family who arrive and have everything ready to go for the 1st day of class. Orientation, registered for classes, purchased books, checked out the classes, emailed professors with questions already, picked up parking decal, student identification card, and have lots of enthusiasm and a positive outlook for the semester ahead.


Nina Berler Founder, unCommon Apps

I interview for Brown as part of the Northern New Jersey Brown Alumni Schools Committee. I hate to say it, but my most memorable interview experience was when a candidate, a young man, showed up to the interview late and rather shaken. He needed to call his mother and have some water! Fortunately, he shared that he had gotten into an auto accident en route to our interview. I don’t know who was at fault and whether the accident was the result of nerves, but I did feel very badly for this candidate and tried to get him relaxed and on task as soon as possible.


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