As SAT & ACT dates are cancelled, don’t panic!

The SAT and the ACT are a vital part of building a strong college admission profile. So it’s not surprising that — according to an Inside Higher Ed report — students and parents are concerned over test dates being shuffled, postponed, and sometimes outright cancelled.

To check whether your SAT date is still on, click here. And if you’re taking the ACT instead, and want to make sure your test center is open, go to this website.

But even in the unfortunate scenario in which your test gets cancelled, you shouldn’t panic. There are many reasons to be hopeful!

The expectation is that the ACT and the College Board (which administers the SAT) will continue to add dates throughout the spring and summer to make up for this year’s cancelled ones. 

Colleges are also being more flexible with test scores, many of them going test-optional — though submitting a strong test score will increase your chances of being admitted. Admission committees are also extending application deadlines and some are even waiving application fees

It’s also important to remember that this situation is not unique to your child; students across the country are dealing with similar roadblocks. More test dates and centers should open up late spring through fall, especially once there is a vaccine. Sooner than later, all students will be able to take the tests and move a step closer to reaching their goals of attending a great university. 

Until then, our advice is to stay the course, continue preparing, and take the additional time as an opportunity to get some extra help or focus on academics

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