Deadline Check!

It’s that time of year when college applications are due, so let’s pull out our calendars and take a minute to write down some deadlines.

Most students will apply to between five and eight universities. Each university will likely have a different application deadline and different requirements for supplemental materials, such as first semester transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, and recommendation letters.

Most application deadlines are between January 1 and February 1, so take a minute to look at your application, find the deadline, and put it on your calendar.

It can be tricky to keep straight everything you need to turn in for the application. The College Board (yes, the same College Board of SAT, PSAT, and AP test fame) has a handy check list for the application process that can be downloaded here. Print out one of these checklists for EACH college that you are applying to. Even if several of your colleges accept the Common Application, they may require additional materials, such as a portfolio, or they may want to schedule an interview. Keep these checklists in your college application folder along with other important things, like copies of your immunization records and your FAFSA information.

One thing colleges may allow you to do is to submit SAT or ACT scores after the application deadline, particularly if you are already accepted but would like to qualify for a scholarship or an honors program. Below are the spring SAT and ACT test dates. Make sure to note the test registration deadline, which is usually a month in advance.

SAT Test Dates:
January 25 (Registration 12/27, late 01/14)
March 8 (Registration 02/07, late 02/24)
May 3 (Registration 04/04, late 04/21)
June 7 (Registration 05/09, late 05/28)

ACT Test Dates:
February 8 (Registration 01/10, late 01/24)
April 12 (Registration 03/07, late 03/21)
June 14 (Registration 05/09, late 05/23)

Also, keep in mind that not all SAT Subject Tests are offered on every SAT testing date, so it’s important to check the schedule at and plan ahead for you particular subject test. It’s also critical to know that you CANNOT take your subject tests on the same day as your regular SAT, so be sure to plan for separate test dates.

You CANNOT take your subject tests on the same day as your SAT. Be sure to plan ahead for this.

Finally, keep in mind that Advanced Placement tests begin on May 5 and conclude on May 16. You know yourself and whether or not you can handle taking a four-hour SAT on Saturday, May 3, followed by a four-hour AP Chemistry exam on Monday, May 5. Not to mention that Calculus is on Wednesday, and English is on Thursday and Friday. Brain fry is real, and it can affect your test scores!

Calendars ready? Now have a super spring semester!

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