Helping Students Transition from High School to College

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As we enter August and summer winds to an end, the time comes for many students to head to college for the first time. Obviously, this is a big transition and the first time most kids live away from home – and the watchful eye of their parents! While there are individual considerations for each student as they adjust to campus life, there are a few things a parent can do to help your former high-schooler be well on her way to college success.

Help Develop Study Skills

Being prepared for a test in college is the result of using great study skills for a student. Professors are much less likely to follow up on assignments or individual tasks as a high school teacher may be. It is up to a student to take good notes and stay on top of assignments. Helping your child develop skills that work for her in and out of class can help her get where she needs to be during her college years.

Encourage Engaged Reading

The amount of reading in college for many majors will far exceed what a student might have experienced in high school. Developing strong reading and comprehension skills will help a student pick out main ideas and concepts from text and get their thoughts in order. These reading skills certainly aren’t developed overnight so starting early is important to refine these before those collegiate courses.

We Are Here to Help!

Think your child may need a little extra help making this transition? Our private tutoring options help many students in this position take the step into college life. Reach out to us and let us show you how we can help!

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