How a growth mindset can maximize your child’s potential

A growth mindset means treating intelligence as ever-evolving and malleable, as opposed to static. The term, based on psychologist Carol Dweck’s work, may not mean much to you yet. But to us, it means everything.

This simple shift in our minds, from a fixed mindset to a growth one, leads to more confidence in our abilities to learn — which consequently results in higher grades and test scores.

Approaching education from that perspective prevents students from thinking they are “not math people” or “not good test-takers.” Because while some children do have an easier time with certain subjects, everyone can learn — as long as proper resources and effort are in place.

At Revolution Prep, a growth mindset drives our approach to tutoring and mentoring. When working with new students, our first step is helping them see their learning experience through that perspective. That involves:

  1. Embracing challenges
  2. Persisting despite setbacks
  3. Understanding that effort leads to mastery
  4. Learning from criticism
  5. Trying new things


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Embracing challenges

Not only accepting that they will exist, but taking these obstacles as opportunities to grow as a learner.

Persisting despite setbacks

Everyone fails, but not everyone gets back up and tries again after the first time.

Understanding that effort leads to mastery

More than raw skill or talent, it’s hard-work and effort that eventually turn into success.

Learning from criticism

Accepting constructive feedback and applying it to improve yourself is key.

Trying new things

Even if you’re not good at first, you learn much more through new experiences than by doing what you are already great at!

We hope a growth mindset becomes as valuable to you as it is to us. If you want to learn more about how to help your child (or yourself), we regularly host a free webinar on the topic: Maximizing Your Potential Using Growth Mindset.

If you need help, reach out to our academic advisors! We’d love to set you up with a tutor who can mentor your child into a lifelong, confident learner.