What You Will Learn From Scoring Your Practice Exam

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Once a student completes their Revolution Prep practice exam, there is one more quick step before meeting with a testing expert: scoring the exam. While the process takes only a couple minutes, you may be surprised that some students don’t actually take the time to score. After all the work that goes into preparing for the exam, this is like running a marathon and stopping five feet before the finish line!

Scoring the exam is important because it not only gives a starting score, but a lot of insight on how a student takes a standardized test. While the exam score is a good reference point, it is arguably not the most important reason for taking a practice exam. Looking at trends in questions missed can help identify areas for improvement before taking the actual SAT/ACT. Were a lot of questions missed towards the end of sections? This may be an issue with pacing that effective test preparation strategies can help improve.

Our testing advisors understand how to identify areas for improvements based on the results of these practice exams. In our score report review sessions, an advisor will breakdown each section and identify a plan to help a student reach his goal score. A variety of test preparation options can then be considered to determine what makes the most sense for each individual.

Remember that these practice exams are long and oftentimes demoralizing for a student. They are filled with tricky and demanding questions about concepts that they may not have seen in years. As a parent, it is important to remind them that this is just a practice test, a step on the way to taking the actual SAT/ACT. Helping them maintain confidence and direction is as important as any other test preparations.

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