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Professional Private Tutor Paige

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Tomorrow 2:00-3:00pm PST
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5   (44 reviews)


Distinguished Tutor  ·  $179/hour

Over 1900 hours of tutoring experience.
Graduate of University of Connecticut

Paige's enthusiasm for tutoring is contagious; her positivity helps students overcome anxieties and build confidence to become successful students. Paige especially enjoys helping students with the... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Melinda

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Tomorrow 7:00-8:00pm PST
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4   (3 reviews)


Advanced Tutor  ·  $129/hour

Graduate of University of Minnesota

After receiving her Bachelor of Design in Architecture from the University of Minnesota, Melinda spent nearly three years living and working as an English teacher in South Korea and Thailand. She h... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Delilah

Next availability:
Thursday 5:00-6:00am PST
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4.6   (18 reviews)


Advanced Tutor  ·  $129/hour

Graduate of Georgia State University

Delilah graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Journalism from Georgia State University, putting her studies to work as a copywriter for Atlanta’s public transportation system. She has tutored ... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Audra

Next availability:
Friday 1:00-2:00pm PST
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4.9   (35 reviews)


Advanced Tutor  ·  $129/hour

Graduate of The George Washington University

Audra is a friendly and enthusiastic teacher, who is committed to helping her students succeed. She has unlimited optimism and encouragement for her students, helping them build strong study skills... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Brandon

Next availability:
Saturday 9:00-10:00am PST
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5   (5 reviews)


Advanced Tutor  ·  $129/hour

Graduate of Michigan State University, University College Cork

Brandon has pursued his education in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada. He holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in History, and has passed comprehensive history exams at t... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Alaina

Limited availability

5   (13 reviews)


Advanced Tutor  ·  $129/hour

Graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Education

Alaina earned her Masters of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is committed to helping every scholar unlock success through developing their own learning skills and strat... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Rachelle

Limited availability

5   (7 reviews)


Advanced Tutor  ·  $129/hour

Graduate of University of Southern California, UC Hastings College of the Law

Rachelle holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Southern California, and a Juris Doctorate from the UC Hastings College of the Law. She has over 15 years of teaching and tutoring ex... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Heather

Limited availability

5   (4 reviews)


Advanced Tutor  ·  $129/hour

Graduate of George Washington

Heather earned her Bachelor's degree from George Washington University in International Affairs, with a minor in Religion. She has worked as a teacher in the United States, Nigeria, and Belgium whe... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Sarah

Limited availability

5   (12 reviews)


Advanced Tutor  ·  $129/hour

Graduate of University of California, Berkeley

Sarah earned her Bachelor’s in English from Wellesley College, and went on to earn two Masters degrees- Classics from Vanderbilt and Ancient History from UC Berkeley. Sarah has a warm, witty, and s... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Jessica

Limited availability

5   (20 reviews)


Premium Tutor  ·  $249/hour

Over 600 hours of tutoring experience.
Graduate of Stanford

Jessica has worked with students of all ages as an SAT instructor, math and writing tutor, and swim coach for the past ten years. Before working for Revolution, she worked at Kaplan Test Prep. She ... read more.

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