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Professional Private Tutor Sean

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Tomorrow 6:00-7:00am PDT
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4.5   (11 reviews)


Distinguished Tutor  ·  $179/hour

Over 600 hours of tutoring experience.
Graduate of University of Pittsburgh; Yale School of Public Health

Sean earned his Master's in Epidemiology and Public Health from Yale University. He specializes in pre-medical subjects including Biology and Chemistry. Sean’s remarkable patience and professional ... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Tim

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Tomorrow 11:00-12:00pm PDT
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Advanced Tutor  ·  $129/hour

Graduate of DePaul University

Tim graduated with honors from DePaul University, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Film and Digital Cinema, and a minor in Writing. At DePaul he was a teacher’s assistant, volunteered at the writin... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Jessica

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Tomorrow 12:00-1:00pm PDT
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4.7   (3 reviews)


Advanced Tutor  ·  $129/hour

Graduate of Santa Clara University, Pepperdine University

Jessica is an experienced tutor and mentor who has worked with students of all ages from elementary school through university. She received her undergraduate degrees from Santa Clara University in ... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor John

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Tomorrow 1:00-2:00pm PDT
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Advanced Tutor  ·  $129/hour

Graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, University of Illinois at Chicago

John graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology (go Jackets!) with a B.S. in Applied Psychology. He worked for several years in the corporate world as an analyst before heading to Georgia State... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Elissa

Limited availability

5   (11 reviews)


Premium Tutor  ·  $249/hour

Over 600 hours of tutoring experience.
Graduate of Davidson College, Marshall University

Elissa earned her Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Davidson College and her Master's in Teaching from Marshall University. She has passed the notoriously difficult 1/P and 2/FM actuarial exams... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Falina

Limited availability

4.8   (144 reviews)


Premium Tutor  ·  $249/hour

Over 4000 hours of tutoring experience.
Graduate of University of Michigan

Falina joined the Revolution in 2011, and has over four years of tutoring experience. She fosters a mentorship relationship with all of her students early on, and ensures that they are learning in ... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Andrew

Limited availability

4.8   (160 reviews)


Premium Tutor  ·  $249/hour

Over 3900 hours of tutoring experience.
Graduate of Central Michigan University

Andrew holds a BS in Biomedical Sciences, Neuroscience, and Psychology from CMU. While at University, he conducted independent research into the nematode germline, elucidating the role of oocyte ri... read more.

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Professional Private Tutor Morgan

Limited availability

4.7   (86 reviews)


Advanced Tutor  ·  $129/hour

Graduate of U. Missouri-Columbia/U. Maryland, College Park

Morgan is an aspiring physicist currently pursuing doctoral studies in Physics and Science Education at the University of Iowa. His BS degrees in Mathematics and Physics were split between the Univ... read more.

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