• Sophomores: If you completed Algebra I and Geometry (or approaching completion), you can try both the SAT® & ACT in order to compare baseline scores and find your strength (if you have not already taken one). If you took a practice SAT® or ACT , then take the other Mock Test (SAT® or ACT).

  • Freshmen: No practice testing UNLESS you are academically accelerated - completed Algebra I or currently in Geometry (or approaching completion) and doing well in English class.

  • Juniors: Ideally, you have your baseline scores already and should have begun preparing. If not, you should try both SAT® and ACT in order to compare baseline scores and find your strength as soon as possible. Download a copy of the exam here if there is no available test or test date: and take it now (and don’t wait).

  1. What if I have content gaps? It is not recommended. If you are in Algebra I and have not completed Geometry. You will not be ready even if you are a good math student.

  2. If you have difficulty with standardized testing like the SAT® and ACT (based on other practice or your PSAT® score), by testing before you have the appropriate content or maturity, you will put more pressure on you/your child as the score may not be near where you hope and you will be pressed to continue to stress about it – by waiting you allow you/your child to mature a bit more plus get more content and confidence (and will get a higher starting baseline). These are NOT ACADEMIC tests so maybe that is why there is some disconnect with your score and grades.

  3. There is no rush to test (for 8th or 9th graders). Grades are always the most important so it gives more time to adjust to the school year. Plus if you are not planning on taking the actual test anytime soon, there is no point to add additional work now. Instead of making this a year-long process of testing and prepping, you should narrow the window down to 3-4 months (meaning less pressure or time to focus on other items that will help the college admission process) – as long as when it comes time, you/your child puts the time and effort in the 3-4 month window to get ready for it.

  4. But what if I just want to get an introduction to the test to get a feel for it so the score is not important even if I don’t have the content or I am younger (8th or 9th grade)? By starting this process earlier, the anxiety around it will drag on plus it could affect the psyche if the score isn’t what is expected. Get a feel for it when it is more relevant and fits the timing better.

Students DO NOT need to prepare for these exams but participation is an important step as it will give us the ability to determine which admission test a student ultimately favors, either by strength or preference by comparing the SAT and ACT results. Then we can guide the student down a clear SAT or ACT path for official testing and preparation and it will save a student’s time, resources, and focus.


We offer multiple dates throughout the year for all CUSD students to try either format of the exams. If you can’t find a date that works to take a live proctored online exam, then register for any date and explore your Revolution Prep dashboard to find the self-guided videos under “Exams”. You will receive the test booklet and answer sheet for the exam in your registration confirmation email.

No transportation necessary. These will be online proctored exams, so all practice tests will be taken at your home, or any other quiet space.

If you are a student with approved accommodations, take the exam with the group during the day, then keep your test booklet and finish it at home with your additional timing (then self score using the Revolution Prep scoring app).

We recommend you try only one SAT® and one ACT max as we are using the same SAT® and ACT for all administrations (also used this fall) so it will skew your baseline results and give you a false sense of your score. Once you have the baseline, you should start preparing for your best fit test to hit your goal score. If you took the ACT, try the SAT and vice versa but not two SAT®s.

You don’t need to notify us. Download a copy of the exam here (scoring information available in the instructions).


Please download the Apple or Android Scoring App before your test day and check to make sure you can log in before you show up. You need your username and password when you set up your account/registered (username is usually your email or firstnamelastname; Password is what you set or lastname or lastnamerevolution - if you forget your password, you can reset on your phone app – just click "forgot password", reset).

Most students will be able to score their exams before leaving for the day (Review How To Score HERE), but if you need assistance, please reach out to our Revolution Prep specialists - Call (877) 738-7737 or email

  1. Register for a complimentary score review session with our dedicated academic advisor, Eric Ramirez. You can schedule an appointment with Eric at Revolution Prep is an outside Test Prep provider providing these exams and support for CUSD students. Their services are not endorsed by CUSD but they have graciously offered their support. *This is different than a Futureology counseling appointment.

  2. Schedule a free one-on-one appointment with a Futureology Counselor if you have many questions about college and career planning. Register @


Please arrive at 8:30am to check in (and find your way to the rooms). Test starts promptly at 9am.

The test finishes around 12:30pm so if you stay you can score your exam by 12:45pm.

Let the proctor know, then keep your test booklet and finish it at home (and score it later on your own using the Apple or Android Scoring App).

Scientific calculator, two #2 pencils, water + snack + phone with scoring app downloaded.

No, but you can take it at home on your own.

We won’t be checking but we recommend you stick to the their actual test Calculator Policy – See SAT® or ACT.

Basically you will download a test and have a proctor online while you take the exam at home (ideal to be in a quiet place).

The test booklets are approximately 60 pages and each format’s answer sheet is about 4 pages. If you want to save the time and paper, just download a copy of the exam to your computer and view it during the exam. We do recommend you print the answer sheet for quicker scoring via the QR codes, but you may also use a blank sheet of paper. Your proctor will walk you through all of the directions at the start of each exam and scoring directions at the end. You may also have scratch paper available to work during the exam.


In order to create more opportunities for students to experience taking a college entrance test at one of our district schools. Since many students are curious about how they would perform on the SAT® or ACT, we have decided to host “Mock Practice Test” Days at our schools.

They are an outside leading test prep provider who we partnered with to provide the exams, materials, proctoring, and scoring for us. CUSD does not endorse their services but we thank them for their generous offer to provide their support for ALL students.

  • Yes it is a pain to sit down for 3-4 hours (each for SAT® and ACT), but it’s worth it. You can find out what test is best for you (and save the time and money on one test only - colleges will look at either exam). The content tested is similar but the tests themselves are quite different. One of the biggest areas of divergence is timing: students get more time per question on the SAT, but the questions themselves tend to be more complex than they are on the ACT (check SAT®/ACT Comparison). The bottom line is that the tests are different enough to merit a trial run of each before you commit to prepping for either one.

  • Baseline practice tests serve another important function: allows you to maximize prep by giving you a starting point. It’s crucial to start your test prep journey with concrete goals and a starting point.

  • Make the best prep decision. There is no one-size-fits all answer to SAT® and ACT prep. If you know where you are starting and where you hope to end up, you can choose the right prep option for you, whether it’s self-prep, classes, or tutoring.

  • Baseline practice tests can also provide specific areas to target in prep. Both the SAT® and ACT cover a wide range of material, from grammar to geometry to geology (in the ACT’s case), and diving headfirst into test review and prep is not the most effective use of your student’s time and energy. Even within sections, there’s a variety of content. Find where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and the more specific, the better. You need to know if you have a great grasp of commas, but need to review fractions and ratios. That level of detail is going to let you maximize your prep time, instead of going over general information or topics they have already mastered.

Check this guide out for direction if needed: Futureology’s SAT® & ACT Test Planning Guide
*Students should not take both official exams, just one after using these practice baseline scores to choose a path.


Schedule an appointment with a Futureology counselor to map your optimal testing and prep “track” timeline that fits your goals and needs OR email Futureology @ Futureology is CUSD’s free college and career counseling service that is coordinating these exams for the district. Remember, to register for a one-on-one appointment or event, visit

It depends! One that gets you into the right school for you.