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How we work

Revolution Prep follows an intensive three-step approach to private tutoring

  • First, we match students with tutors carefully to ensure the right fit of subject mastery, learning styles, and personalities
  • Then, we develop a personalized plan for learning that ensures all-important concepts and ideas are mastered
  • And finally, we continually evaluate the results, adjusting our approach and raising expectations as we go.

There is no better way to learn

Whether a student is trying to play catch up on a particular subject, go beyond classroom lessons and textbook material in a special discipline, or just enhance his or her overall academics, there is no substitute for personal attention. At Revolution Prep, we offer just that through our private tutoring programs, which pair world-class instructors with students for spectacular results.

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Revolution Prep private tutors fall into three different categories:



This type of personal, one-on-one instruction is “standard” in name only. Every Revolution Prep tutor has:

  • Scored in 97th percentile or higher on the SAT® or ACT® exam
  • Graduated from a top university
  • Demonstrated proven educational expertise


These instructors go above and beyond the rigorous standards we set for all tutors. In order to qualify as a Distinguished Tutor, an instructor must:

  • Have at least 500 hours of tutoring experience
  • Have top recommendation rates from families
  • Have experience training new Standard Tutors


These 15 men and women represent the top tutors available in the nation. Each of these professionals must:

  • Have at least 1000 hours of tutoring experience
  • Have an exceptional academic background
  • Have the highest recommendation rates from families

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Frequently asked questions

Who are Revolution Prep's private tutors?

All Revolution Prep instructors and tutors are test prep gurus. Revolution Prep instructors and tutors are graduates from top universities with extremely high test scores. They have all scored a minimum of a 2100 on the SAT or 32 on the ACT. But they’re not just intelligent, they have all undergone a rigorous screening, training, hiring, and development process that enables them to be true masters of the ACT and SAT. Our instructors and tutors are grad students and lawyers, scientists and writers; they all share a love of teaching and tutoring.

Where will tutoring take place?

We can tutor your student online, at home (if a parent or guardian is present for the duration of the session), or in a public location, such as a library or coffee shop.

How do I know the tutor assigned will be a good fit for my student?

Our tutoring specialists work with you to get a clear picture of who your student is and what type of tutor would work best for him or her. The tutoring specialist then passes this information along to the Manager of Instruction, who selects a highly compatible tutor in your area. And if you think the match wasn’t a good one, we’ll switch tutors and credit the first session back to your account.

How far in advance of the actual ACT or SAT should we sign up for tutoring?

This really depends on how many hours of tutoring your student needs. Our tutoring specialists can work with you to plan backwards from your target test date, leaving plenty of time for evenly spaced sessions and practice tests. It’s important to call as soon as you identify your target test date to avoid last minute cramming, which can often be very stressful and ineffective.

Does a private tutoring student still get to take practice tests?

Yes. Private tutoring students receive all of the Revolution Prep materials, including five practice tests. Students can search for a proctored location nearby on If there are no locations in the area, or the Saturday morning schedule conflicts with other obligations, students have the option to take the test at home and enter their answer choices online.

My student is extremely busy and does not have time to take five practice tests in addition to all of the tutoring hours. Do these tests really matter?

Students often select private tutoring because it is the most flexible way to accommodate busy schedules, so this is a common issue. In order to see maximum score improvements, however, it is essential for students to take all practice tests and do all the assigned homework. Additionally, students must take all five practice exams and complete all homework assignments in order to meet Revolution’s graduation requirements. You should work with your tutor to find a practice test schedule that best suits your student’s schedule.

Is online tutoring as effective as in person tutoring?

Yes. Our results have shown that online tutoring students see the same score improvements as in-person tutoring students.

During an online tutoring session, how will the tutor know that my student is paying attention, rather than looking at Facebook or e-mail?

Tutors are specifically trained to look for certain nonverbal cues that may indicate a student is off-task. Since this is still one-on-one instruction, the tutor can ask targeted, direct questions to confirm that the student is paying attention. Additionally, Revolution’s proprietary online tutoring platform signals to the tutor if the student has opened another window, allowing the tutor to redirect the student.

How can my student get the most out of tutoring?

Like most things, what you can get out of tutoring is directly related to what you put in. That means your student will need to be prepared and focused during their tutoring sessions, do any work their tutor gives them in between sessions, and they will need to work on the strategies they are learning in class and on tests. Last but not least, your student should have fun. Tutoring shouldn’t be something they dread. If your student is having a hard time, have a discussion with someone at Revolution Prep, or your tutor.

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