Technical & Device

1. What are the technology requirements on the day of the official test?

Students are required to provide their own device, which can be a Windows or Apple device. Specific device requirements can be found

2. What happens if there’s a technical problem mid-test on the day of the official test?

The proctor will have a troubleshooting guide to try and resolve issues on the student’s device. If the internet temporarily goes out, that
won’t be a problem, as the test application is built to work without internet during the full administration. If the device powers down
or otherwise crashes, students will try to re-start and may be able to log back in again. If they can’t, the proctor will, unfortunately, be
required to dismiss them from the test.

3. What if my child doesn’t have a computer for the official test?

First, see if your child’s school has extra devices. If they don’t, you can look into the College Board’s device lending program. To qualify
for the device lending program, your household must be eligible for the Fee Waiver program, which has specific household income
eligibility requirements. See here for more info. If you do qualify for the device lending program, it will be important to contact the College Board at least two months in advance of your test day.


User Experience

1. How does the look-and-feel differ between paper and digital?

The look-and-feel between the paper version and the digital version are intentionally designed to be almost exact. Explore a demo on
our Digital SAT page to see more.

2. How does Revolution Prep’s digital practice exam allow for various accommodations? How do I request accommodations?

Revolution Prep’s digital practice SAT/PSAT has built-in support for the most common accommodations, such as extended time and
breaks. We’ve mirrored the full set of accommodation support that’s available on the College Board’s Bluebook app. There is no need
to specifically request accomodations; to enable them, your child simply needs to select them on the initial screen once they launch the

3. What kinds of digital tools are available and how are they used?

The new digital testing application features several key tools, including a built-in Desmos graphing calculator, the ability to annotate and
highlight text in questions, and an overview of all questions in the section where students can quickly navigate. The best way to learn
about these tools is to use our demo here.

4. How do breaks work?

For students testing under normal conditions, there is a single 10-minute break between the Reading & Writing portion of the test and
the Math portion of the test. On the real test day, this break is not skippable, and your students must wait the full 10 minutes prior to
moving on to the Math section. In Revolution Prep’s digital testing experience, students can choose to enable a “practice mode” which
will allow them to skip this break.


Registration & Scheduling

1. How do students register for a Revolution Prep digital practice test?

You can register here. If you have any questions, you can reach out to your Academic Advisor to help get you registered.

2. When is the best time for students to take the Digital PSAT/SAT?

For current sophomores (class of 2025), we recommend students take a Digital PSAT prior to the real administration of the PSAT in
October 2023. This may be best suited for the latter portion of the school year, in March-June. For the Digital SAT, which doesn’t
launch until March 2024, a practice test in the fall of 2023 may be an ideal time.

3. What can students expect to receive once the test is complete?

When a student completes their digital practice test, they’ll receive a comprehensive score report that outlines their performance across
key testing areas.

4. How often are the digital practice tests available?

We schedule national practice exams almost every Saturday and some Sundays. Visit here to see a full schedule!



1. What happens after a student takes the practice test?

Students will receive a detailed score report, and we strongly recommend that you schedule a free score report review with your
Academic Advisor. If you don’t have their contact information handy, just give us a call at 877-738-7737.

2. Are there parent presentations or webinars?

Yes, registration in any of our upcoming free webinars about navigating the new Digital PSAT and SAT is open here.

3. Will my child’s tutor teach us how the new testing experience works?

Yes, if you’ve signed up for one of our private tutoring programs, your Revolution Prep tutor will spend time familiarizing your child with
the testing platform.

4. Is a walkthrough or demo of the digital test available?

Yes, a walkthrough video is available here, and a practice test demo is available here.

5. Will students need to do anything to get registered/prepared?

For the official Digital PSAT, registration will be handled by the student’s high school. For the official Digital SAT, students must register
for a testing date and site via the College Board.

6. What is the timeline for preparation?

This depends on goal score, starting score, and numerous other factors. To make an individualized testing plan, we recommend a free
consultation with your Revolution Prep Academic Advisor

7. Should my child take the ACT instead, as it’s a known entity?

While it’s true that the ACT is not changing formats at this time, we don’t recommend making a choice strictly based on risk avoidance.
The College Board has invested significant time and money to ensure that the new digital format test is equally as valid as the current
paper SAT. With that in mind, it’s best to use scores from a full-length paper ACT and Digital SAT to make a comparison and decide
which test is best for your child, regardless of the digital format change.

Score Report

1. What does a score report contain?

Revolution Prep’s score report displays overall scores, detailed information about how students did in terms of adaptive pathway, the
highest-priority areas for improvement, and a detailed analysis of all questions and answers by concept area.

2. How can I use information from the score report to support my child in improving their score?

Some of the information will be easier to interpret—for example, if one section of the test has a significantly higher or lower score than
the other, you can guide your child to do additional review and study in that area. You will likely want an expert to help decipher the score
report information. Your Revolution Prep Academic Advisor is ready and willing to have a complimentary conversation about these results
to help you make sense of them.

3. What should my child do once they take their test and receive their score report?

Once your child completes their digital practice test and receives their score report, you should meet with one of our Academic Advisors
to interpret their score and determine their best-fit solution for acing the real thing!

Scoring & National Merit Scholarship

1. Is there an advantage to taking both the written and digital test?

No. Students should identify which format makes sense for their testing plan – with a careful eye on timing, and the switchover in formats
happening March 2024 – and go with a single format.

2. Will colleges and universities “superscore” for students who take both the paper and digital versions of the SAT?

While we are still waiting for official confirmation, at this point we expect colleges and universities that superscore to do so across the two

3. What options does my child have to increase their score?

There are three main ways to approach preparation for the Digital SAT – self-study, a group course, or private tutoring. Each of these
methods has a myriad of pros and cons, so we recommend discussing your child’s unique situation with your Revolution Prep Academic

4. Will taking the digital version of the test impact National Merit qualifications? If so, how?

National Merit has not yet released its new scoring methodology for the Digital PSAT, but we do not anticipate any changes impacting
student approach.


Explore resources, get registered for a free digital practice exam, and learn more here .