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First the daughter, now the son. A family of Revolutionaries.

Kim began working with Revolution Prep in the Fall of her junior year to prepare for the PSAT. After working with her tutor, Mindi, for a few months Kim earned a PSAT score that led to a Letter of Commendation from the National Merit program, placing her in the top 50,000 of over 1.5 million… Continue reading

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Improved confidence yields an early acceptance.

Emma came to Revolution as a high-scoring high school junior fighting for the last few points of improvement on the SAT in order to get into her dream school, Tufts. She was scoring a 1730 after trying self-study and working with other tutors. Emma began working with Diego in the spring of her junior year…. Continue reading

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Think Ahead to Ease Stress

High school is a mountain, a huge mountain. And the summit is centered directly over May of your child’s junior year. Many kids suffer the summit because they were not prepared, but it doesn’t have to be that way. As you can see from the college preparation timeline below, there is so much going on… Continue reading

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10 things Juniors can do to get ready for college

(1) Create a big-picture calendar of the year, noting specifically: standardized test dates, major academic tests, extracurricular activities, important personal/family events. (2) Take a practice SAT or ACT test early in the year. This will help you choose which exam (SAT v. ACT) you want to take and when; it’ll also give you a wake-up… Continue reading

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