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3 Tips for Preventing Summer Slide

Summer! The time for students to throw their backpacks in the closet and not think about school for a few months. Right? Although parents are tempted to take a little break with their children, this can lead to learning loss in children known as the summer slide. Although some rest and relaxation is important, maintaining… Continue reading

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Want to know how you learned to hate math?

It’s actually pretty simple. (Well actually I’m going to MASSIVELY oversimplify it so I can write an entertaining post. I’m happy to address the finer points if you follow up with me.) The elementary school system is out to get you! Just kidding. Actually, I’m kinda serious… You see elementary school has a single teacher… Continue reading

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Changing attitude has cascading effects.

Nick began working with Revolution Prep as a 7th grader because he needed help with math and science. His professional tutor, Greg, quickly learned that Nick was a bright kid with above average reading skills but that he was rushing through his work due to a lack of motivation. Greg worked on building a connection… Continue reading

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Summer Tip #3: Real Life Math

I hated math as a teenager. I was always an English girl. I liked books and words. Numbers? Not so much. Who cared about geometry? I preferred Jane Austin. When I grew up I wanted to be a writer. Why would I ever need math? I was so wrong. While I may not use calculus in… Continue reading

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5 Math Tips to Multiply your SAT Score

The March SAT is just a few weeks away! Are you ready, or do you still shiver at the thought of figuring out one more ratio? Either way, here are five tips that should help you supercharge your math score. 1. Never, ever, ever guess randomly.  Like ever. You don’t understand how to do the… Continue reading

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