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The 3M’s: Management of Self (The myth and curse of “Multitasking”)

If you have been following my blog, you know that at Revolution we have developed a skill set that we believe is crucial to instill in every child preparing for college and careers in the 21st century. We believe that in addition to a solid foundation in the Three R’s—reading, writing and arithmetic—students also need… Continue reading

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Connecting With Your Student

THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF Remember hearing the story about “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” as a kid? Do you remember what the message of the story is? Ask almost any child, and they’ll correctly tell you that the message is “If you lie sometimes, people might not believe you when you tell the truth.”  It’s… Continue reading

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Finding Your Learning Style

Students often discover certain methods of learning that work best for them. These learning styles can include verbal, visual, tactile, logical, social, or solitary.  It is also possible for students to respond well to a combination of styles or develop some of their own.  As you read, think about where you fit in and why… Continue reading

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