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The “Three R’s” aren’t enough

You know that if you subtract 56 from 73, you’ll need to “carry the one”. We all know to “carry the one” but very few of us understand why. This is because we were taught this skill, but not the concept behind the skill. In the past (and unfortunately, often in the present as well),… Continue reading

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5 Steps to Improving Reading Comprehension

At the heart of academic success in high school, college, and success beyond academics all comes back to one core skill: reading comprehension. While that’s the case, I’ve found there is a big misunderstanding about what really constitutes reading comprehension. In elementary school between second and fourth grades students are expected to make the shift… Continue reading

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How To Be An Active Reader

One misconception commonly held by students is that reading is a passive activity. Unfortunately, passing your eyes over words on a page does not automatically store the material in your brain. You have to work for it – coax the information into your memory by asking questions and taking notes. These strategies fall into one… Continue reading

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3 Tips to Prepare for the AP English Language Exam

Students in AP English Language often start to panic as the spring semester starts because most of their class time is spent working on improving their writing.  In fact,the idea of being unprepared for the multiple choice section of the exam causes them so much anxiety that they would prefer to drown in a sea… Continue reading

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