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Tutor: Friend or Foe?

A great tutor can be life changing. An okay tutor can do more harm than good. Many people ask us ways to evaluate whether someone will be a good tutor for their child. Choosing tutors is something we have a lot of experience with and we are happy to share what we’ve learned. Over the past… Continue reading

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3 Questions to Ask at a Parent-Teacher Conference

I often hear from friends how parent-teacher conferences feel perfunctory: just another box to check during the quarter and taking up a Tuesday night. While that’s obviously not the case for all parents, I believe that we all have the responsibility to make each conference truly beneficial. I can understand why we think of them… Continue reading

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Want to know how you learned to hate math?

It’s actually pretty simple. (Well actually I’m going to MASSIVELY oversimplify it so I can write an entertaining post. I’m happy to address the finer points if you follow up with me.) The elementary school system is out to get you! Just kidding. Actually, I’m kinda serious… You see elementary school has a single teacher… Continue reading

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What Michael Jordan can teach you about tutors

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. With 6 NBA championships, 6 NBA Finals MVPs, and 5 NBA League MVP awards, he’s the equivalent of a straight-A student with perfect scores on everything. But with all his championships and accolades, do you think that he’s the best person to coach a… Continue reading

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