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5 Reasons to Start AP Prep Now

Common sense will tell us that cramming just isn’t smart. If students try to overwhelm themselves with information the night before a big exam, chances are they are much more likely to forget information rather than retain information. While students should prepare wisely for the short-term, the same goes for their long-term goals. Parents and… Continue reading

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Test-Taking: Sometimes Terrible Things Happen

I’ve been working with Revolution Prep for close to six years now, and I have heard some test-taking stories. Here are just a few of my favorites: 1) Students arrived at the testing location only to find the gates locked. There had been a miscommunication with the school, and the custodial staff was unaware that… Continue reading

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Smart Kid Problem

As we all know, getting straight As in school doesn’t guarantee you a stellar SAT score. But why not? Smart is smart, right? Shouldn’t your grades correspond with how well you do on an annoying standardized test? Not really. The SAT is a critical reasoning test, which is different than the fact-based tests you’re used… Continue reading

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AP Language Exams: Don’t Get Tongue-Tied

It’s easy to be intimidated by foreign language AP tests, but you don’t have to be a native speaker to score well. Nor do you have to be fluent—you’re not expected to know every single word or understand every grammatical construction the test writers throw at you. You just need to use strategy. Multiple-choice questions… Continue reading

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How to deal with test anxiety

Do you ever freeze during exams? Have you ever had difficulty sleeping as exams approach? Do you sometimes mess up questions even when you know the answer? If so, you may be suffering from test anxiety. Most students suffer from some degree of test anxiety. A small amount of tension before an exam is good…. Continue reading

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Maximize Your SAT or ACT Practice Time

When it comes to practice, the general rule in sport is train specific.  What this means, basically, is that a runner should prepare for his or her sport primarily by running, a swimmer by swimming.  The same goes for SAT or ACT practice tests.  Any time you sit down for an SAT or ACT practice… Continue reading

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