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About Caleb

Caleb Oliven earned a bachelor of science in physics from Virginia Tech. He has experience as a tutor and technical writer and was most recently a corps member of the Climate Reality Project in Austin, TX. Caleb has taught students from preschool level all the way up through college graduates. He is especially adept at helping students who are striving toward competitive colleges.

Caleb tutors students on a wide range of math concepts from algebra to AP Calculus and teaches STEM subjects including physics. He also enjoys teaching English and language skills. His genuine enjoyment of subjects is contagious and readily transfers to his students. Caleb takes great pride in his ability to help students who were previously impeded from academic growth due to misunderstandings of core concepts. In his students, he fosters a comprehensive understanding of the material as he believes this is far superior to simply "beating a test." Caleb enjoys not only seeing the "aha!" moment when a student understands a new concept, but also enjoys learning from the student.

Caleb plays classical guitar and is a mountain biker during his free time. He also dedicates his time to social advocacy and has been a public speaker on social issues.

Subjects Caleb tutors

Virginia Tech

B.S. Physics


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