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About Delilah

Delilah graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Journalism from Georgia State University, putting her studies to work as a copywriter for Atlanta’s public transportation system. She has tutored hundreds of students at all ages and skill levels, but has demonstrated particularly outstanding results with middle and high-school aged girls and boys.

She has the warm and approachable presence of a big sister, but also holds her students to high expectations and provides them with “tough love” when necessary. Students have found that Delilah’s approach prepares them well for the demands of college-level work. Delilah thrives at helping students improve their literacy skills, whether it’s writing a dazzling essay, mastering reading comprehension, or tackling tricky word problems in math.

Delilah also dedicates herself to helping every student develop excellent study and time management habits that are critical for college and career readiness.

Subjects Delilah tutors

Georgia State University

BA Communication:Public Relations


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Students Delilah

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