Heather C

Heather earned her Bachelor's degree from George Washington University in International Affairs, with a minor in Religion. She has worked as a teacher in the United States, Nigeria, and Belgium where she worked with students in IB and AP classes. She has received over 100 hours of AP and IB training, and was responsible for the rewriting of school-wide Social Studies standards at the American International School of Abuja, Nigeria.

Heather has experienced great success working with high school students, helping them find their academic groove, especially students who have struggled to thrive in school, and been apathetic about course material. Additionally Heather enjoys working with middle-school and high school girls, encouraging them to find positive identifiers through their hard-work and success on school work; helping young woman develop their voice, confidence, and self-advocacy.

Heather is particularly passionate about Academic tutoring, she specializes in advances social sciences and social studies, she takes true delight in bringing history to life. She works hard to ensure material is relatable, and that students feel heard and their concerns understood and addressed. By creating a teaching space where students feel safe to tackle challenging material, students are able to exceed content goals, and acquire life long learning skills. Parents often comment that their once disinterested children begin to thrive under Heather's tutelage. With her unique combination of high expectations and supportive teaching methods, students begin to hold themselves to higher standards.

Academic Subjects
  • ACT
  • PSAT
  • SAT
  • U.S. History (Regular)
  • U.S. Government (Regular)
  • World History (Regular)
  • European History (Regular)
  • Psychology (AP)
  • Human Geography (AP)
  • U.S. Government and Politics (AP)
  • European History (AP)
  • U.S. History (AP)
  • World History (AP)
  • Human Geography (Regular)
  • Middle School-Level History