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About Jim

Jim Clark graduated from Williams College, where he earned his BA in psychology while playing rugby, hockey and football. He has logged thousands of hours teaching elementary, middle and high school students from all over the world. He is fluent in Spanish and also speaks French and Italian, in addition to having experience working with ESL and TOEFL.

In addition to helping countless students improve their scores 400+ points on the SAT, Jim teaches English, Math, Spanish, and World, Euro and U.S. History. Students feel comfortable and relaxed with him because of his patient and supportive style. His students have gone on to attend schools like Yale, Duke, Williams, Middlebury, Brown and Johns Hopkins.

Jim specializes in building students’ reading comprehension along with their organization and study skills. Jim loves teaching, and he shows it in his enthusiastic approach to every student.

Subjects Jim tutors

Williams College, B.A.,Psychology/English; St. John's M.Div.; Grand Canyon M.S. Professional Counseling


Over 4500 hours of tutoring experience with Revolution Prep.


All Revolution tutors undergo a rigorous screening process, including comprehensive reference and background checks. You can be sure your student is in good hands with a Revolution Prep Professional Tutor.

Students Jim

4.9 out of 5 stars

We ask our students to rate their tutor
after 10 hours of one-on-one tutoring.


Jim was a very good tutor. He didn't complicate things and helped me further understand the SAT material. He was very nice and it was very easy to talk to him. Gave me great advice on how to save time on the test, rule out questions, et.c

at Beacon School

Jim is honestly a great tutor. He is a very relatable guy and has some great jokes. At the beginning of the program, I wasn't all too excited for the tutoring, but Jim made the experience fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Jim and his ability.

at Deerfield Academy

Jim is an engaging and knowledgeable instructor who creates a comfortable and constructive atmosphere for his students. His insight is extremely helpful and has contributed to a significant increase in my scores. I highly recommend him.

at Patriot High School

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