About this webinar

Some ACT/SAT test-takers interpret their results to mean that they are just “not good at standardized tests” or they encounter the math or reading section and say, “I’m not gifted in those areas.”
The research of Dr. Carol Dweck, author of Mindset, has shown that having a “growth mindset” is not just a catalyst for life-long success, but is a skill that can be learned. This learning philosophy can maximize your potential on the ACT/SAT and plan a role in any prep-plan, from self-study to private coaching. We will be sharing the features of Growth Mindset and referencing the ACT/SAT for student training purposes and for parental understanding of the testing process. With Growth Mindset, abilities are viewed as adaptable, and you can maximize your potential in all the tests of life.

During this presentation, you will discover:

• That through effort, anyone can improve at anything

• Tips, tricks, and timelines for ACT/SAT preparation

• Research-based techniques that foster a Growth Mindset

About the Speaker

Dan Carr

Senior Academic Advisor, Revolution Prep. For over a decade, Dan Carr has partnered with families and students on academics, executive functioning, and standardized test-preparation. As an Ohio native, Dan works closely with prestigious schools and diverse families across the Buckeye State. He’s looking forward to sharing some insight on the ACT/SAT and Growth Mindset.