About this webinar

The results of the admission process are “in” and, finally, it’s time to choose a college! Even for students admitted to their first choice colleges, the coming weeks might find them scrambling to make sense of their options. With the May 1 Candidate’s Reply Date looming, time is of essence for students to reassess their priorities and determine, in real terms, their means for accomplishing related goals.

Get answers to these questions:

  • Why did this happen? Gain insight into admission decisions that “don’t make sense.”
  • What if…? Learn when appeals are appropriate—and how to make them effectively.
  • Is it worth the wait?  See how the Wait List works and calculate your odds.
  • Can I afford this? Compare financial aid awards and determine financial risk exposure.
  • What’s next? Assess value and find “fit” in making the final choice of a college.

Join the conversation with former Dean of Admission, Peter Van Buskirk, for a candid interpretation of the process that lays ahead and to develop strategies for getting to the “finish line” with happy outcomes in hand!

About the Speaker

Peter Van Buskirk

Director of Student Advocacy at Revolution Prep, former Dean of Admission at Franklin & Marshall College, renowned college planning expert, and in-demand speaker.