About this webinar

National Merit Scholarships aren’t the only things that make PSAT scores valuable. A student’s performance on the PSAT is a powerful indicator of ACT/SAT readiness, and PSAT results can be a valuable tool to inform ACT/SAT preparation–if you know how to use them. So instead of throwing your PSAT score report away, bring it to this session where we will cover how to use your PSAT results to identify not only whether to take the ACT or SAT, but also how to build your child’s best plan for success.

Key Takeaways

  1. Know what your PSAT score report does (and does not) tell you
  2. Learn the steps to earning a National Merit Scholarship
  3. Understand if you should take the ACT or SAT
  4. Develop a preparation timeline that sets you up for success
  5. How to improve your grades while improving your test scores
  6. Identify the preparation option that is right for you

About the Speaker

Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy

Sean is the Director of Instruction at Revolution Prep and has worked in education for over 8 years, serving as a tutor, master teacher, and curriculum manager. Originally from Massachusetts, Sean is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and spent two years following college in the AmeriCorps national service program, working with non-profit organizations in California, Oregon, Louisiana and Alabama. He has also worked as the Director of Operations for the Catholic Schools Office of Boston, Massachusetts.