About this webinar

So you’ve got this complicated-looking score report in your hands with a whole bunch of numbers on it. You must have questions. Learn what your SAT/ACT score means, where you stand, and how to interpret (or ignore) all of that data. Most importantly, your’ll learn how to use your test results to create a plan for success.

In this live webinar, our test prep experts will help you use your score report and target schools to set goal scores, and make a plan to reach them.

About the Speaker

Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy

Sean is the Director of Instruction at Revolution Prep and has worked in education for over 8 years, serving as a tutor, master teacher, and curriculum manager. Originally from Massachusetts, Sean is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and spent two years following college in the AmeriCorps national service program, working with non-profit organizations in California, Oregon, Louisiana and Alabama. He has also worked as the Director of Operations for the Catholic Schools Office of Boston, Massachusetts.